Please Help!!!!

Hey everybody! I joined this chat because I really need some help.
I started this really really big project a while ago, and thanks to the quarantine I’ve actually gotten really far in it. I’m making a very tightly knit blanket, and although I’m barely a third of the way through I’ve almost gone through 9 rolls of Sweet Snuggles by loop and thread yarn.
However, this yarn is apparently the signature yarn of Micheal’s, and all of the stores in a 20-mile radius are out and not planning on getting any more!
I think I found a replacement, but I’m not sure, because I usually get all my new yarn in person, and I don’t know much about sizing. Would someone be able to tell me whether or not they are a good match?
I’ve been using Sweet Snuggles by Loop and Thread, and I am considering switching to Himalaya Dolphin baby. I would be grateful for any help you could give me.\

Try a site called yarnsub. They work out which yarns are close in makeup and weight

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You beat me to it, Blanketknitter!
Yes, Yarnsub has two better suggestions
The Himalaya yarn is quite a bit thinner than the Loops and Threads and would require adjusting stitch number.


That site is so much fun!!!

Thanks so much for all your help. I have been on yarn sub, but unfortunately the closest yarns are not in the right color. Thanks again.