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Can anyone help plz?I’m still quite new to this… I knitted a very basic cardi for my daughter in a chunky knit and she loves it … she would like me to knit one for her stepdaughter who is only age 12 … how can I adjust the pattern to fit plz? Or does anyone have a pattern of something similar they could share plz?? Have tried to find a similar pattern for a child but no luck!! Any advice would be gratefully received… thank you in advance… ! If possible I would like to knit hers with size 12mm instead of the 15mm…

Measure your cardigan and then a cardigan of suitable size for that stepdaughter. Divide the measures of the other cardigan with the measures of the cardigan you made. For example if the target cardigan measures 65cm all around and your measures 85cm, then the ratio is 65/85=0.76 for the circumference. Now when it says to cast on 28 stitches for the back, calculate 28x0.76 stitches = 21.28 stitches. As the same much goes to sewing the seams, always round up, so in this example, cast on 22 stitches. Notice that the you need to calculate the ratio for each part of the cardigan separately. For example the ratio for the neckline might not be the same (0.76 in this example) as a child is having proportionally bigger head than body.

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I missed this part. This just means that you also need to take one ratio more into the calculation. You need to knit a swatch piece to see how much the gauge changes and then calculate the ratio between your swatch piece and your original cardigan. It is just one number more to multiply with before you get the stitch count.

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Wow! That’s amazing … I will try that thank you so much…but it does sound a little complicated for little me :blush:


Just wanted to thank you again for the detailed explanation you gave me about adjusting the pattern! It worked a treat!! I have now finished it … she wanted it in red and I must say it does look rather good…:heart_eyes:Thank you so much


I love the way this sweater turned out. Well done!