Please help


*/It’s not often patterns get me but this one as I just cannot get my head round it please help. From when the piece measures :-![image|900x1200](upload://gmBcT68czga8geL5JWvcWcupM6U.jpeg


It happens to all of us. What is the name of your pattern? The uploaded photo didn’t show up.
It’s OK to quote a few rows of the pattern, just not a large portion due to copyrights.


Novita natura
Woman’s cardigan


These kind of directions can often be confusing.

You can really only bind off at the beginning of a row. To work these decreases, bind off at the beginning of each row.
Bind off for the smallest size for example, 3sts at the beg of row 1 and 3sts at the beg of row 2.
Bind off 2sts at the beg of rows 3,4,5 and 6.
Bind off one stitch at the beg of rows 7-22.
Bind off 2sts at the beg of rows 23, 24, 25 and 26.
Bind off 3sts at the beg of rows 27 and 28.

Can you also tell us the name of the pattern? If this doesn’t help, tell us the size you’re making.


The pattern is free and here is a link to the full pattern:
(Unless I found another cardigan by the same designer)


Many thanks, engbloom. Great detective work!


Yeah that’s it but I’m a bit confused as to how I do the rows from where it says when the piece measures 60cm


Check out the explanation in post #4. I went ahead and explained the bind offs for the smallest size. If you have trouble working it out for the 3rd size, let us know.


Thank you I may be asking something else further down the line


Please do. We’re happy to have questions. Enjoy working on the sweater!


Hi Salmon. Just curious as I try to think along with this poster’s question. Why could you not bind off with a simple BO at the end of a row? In my head it should work although I’ve never done it.


Yes, the bind off at the end of a row will work. The problem is that it leaves the working yarn out at the end of the row. You’d have to cut the yarn, weave in the end (oh, no!) and reattach in order to continue.


Riiiggggggghhttttt. Right. I hadn’t thought through to THAT part.