Please help!


Hi there!

Please can you tell me what the below means:

Cont straight until left front matches back to start of shoulder shaping, ending with a WS row.


Hi there!!

Can you give us the name of the pattern? Just so we have something to reference with!

It sounds to me like they want you to keep on knitting in pattern until that piece is the same length as the back piece from where the shoulder shaping started. Your last row will be s wrong side row.



Hello! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’m moving…yuk! The pattern wants you to match the same length of the front with the back. This will be for both sides. The wrong side row is the row you will end with. In other words, knit the wrong side row and then start your shapings for armholes, shoulders or bind offs. Hope this helps. Just don’t give up. We’ve all been there and we all still get stumped. Happy knitting!!


Thank you!! These patterns can be so confusing sometimes. Good luck with the moving!! :slight_smile: