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I’m new to this site, I suffer severe mental health problems and get very confused, anxious and panicky very easily. I find knitting such a therapeutic hobby and it keeps my anxiety down too. I was hoping someone might be able to advise on a question I have please.
I have a pattern which says to use circular needles, but I can only use the standard single ended straight needles and I was wondering if I can use straight single ended needles on the pattern.
This is the link I have to the pattern…

Thank you so much

You can certainly try using the straight needles and see if they work. The reason they recommend the circular needles is so that you have more room with the thick yarn.


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Depending on the size you’re making, the straight needles might work. It’s very bulky yarn (jumbo) so the problem is going to be comfortably fitting the sts for the back onto the needle.
The circular needles are recommended in this pattern for that reason.
It a very good looking coat and it should be a quick knit.

Ah right, thank you so much for your help
I have used straight needles with ‘chunky’ wool before and had about 100 stitches on the needle and it was alright.

Thank you so much for your reply
I have used ‘chunky’ wool before on straight needles and had 100+ stitches on the needle and it was ok, so I’m hoping it’ll be the same

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You would need like a Susan Bates 14 inch needle. Or from the same company (Red Heart) the Silva Lume straight needles. You cast on I think it’s one extra stitch to sew the seam. This is in Russian. But it might be worth it to stop the video and count the stitches. I’ve been looking for something that’s a break from more complicated knitting. These are great beginner patterns.

And one to help you with the seaming. also has great patterns using two needles, including hats, mittens, and socks.

I’m skilled enough now that I can understand the basic concept and adapt it to my patterns. I came across this lady today and she’s fascinating. I watched another Russian video doing Indian wedge thumbs yesterday. Another favorite of mine is the Hindu lady that does gloves on two needles in the round. Some of the Spanish ones are pretty good too. I don’t speak the language, just watch, pause, and count stitches.

Here are “Notes” from your pattern:

Jacket is worked in five pieces: Back, Left

Front, Right Front, and two Sleeves. Each

piece is worked from lower edge upwards.

Circular needle is used to accommodate

the width of the fabric and thickness of

the yarn. Work back and forth in rows as

if working with straight needles.

So, can use straight needles......circulars also provide a 'weight bearing' feature in knitting.....the longer the project gets, the heavier it will bear on straight needles.....particularly plastic or non-metal needles.  

((((((((((((((((((((((  Cast on the required stitches onto straights.....see if there is horizontal room for all of the stitches..........start with 14" straights (single points).