Please Help!

I am making my first crochet bag as a present. I have crocheted all the sections but I do not understand the instructions for the paper cleats that go on the outside. It says this…

Side Pockets [make 2]
With RS facing, join A to short edge of Bag Bottom. Work 22 sc in rows until piece meas 7" [18 cm]. Cut yarn and fasten off. With A, work 1 rnd Rev sc around all Side Pocket edges, while at the same time, joining the long edge of the Side Pocket to the Front / Back seams. Repeat for opposite side of the Bag.

I just don’t know what they mean whe they say to join the yarn to the bottom f the bag and then crochet 22 sc. I won’t have done any chains? Or do I crochet straight into a row on the bottom of the bag?

Can anyone help? This is the link to the pattern…

Looks like you will be making a “flap” attached to the bottom of the bag and the crocheting around to attach. So in other words, you will be working your first row into the existing stitches of the bag rather than making a separate piece and attaching it after. Then fasten off and starting at the corner attach the flap to the bag using rev sc to create the pocket.

Does that help?

Here’s a video for what sama-llama describes. You’ll do yours in a straight row.

That is BEYOND HELPFUL. Thank you both so much. I had looked for videos but didn’t know what it was called. Thank you, thank you :grinning:

I actually stumbled across a video for the technique sometime back and was blundering around trying to remember what terms to use for searching so I could post the link. I think I started searching for surface crochet. I’ll find a video for something I need/want to learn then I’m down the rabbit hole because there’s another that looks interesting and oh! that looks like something I need to know and then there’s one that just looks like something fun… I’m just glad I found it again so I could share the link. Happy hooking!

Lately I’ve been enjoying crochet amigurumi and have had trouble finding how-to’s for faces. Last night I stumbled across one that was helpful and then that led to more. Serendipity?

I know what you mean! Many an evening has been spent browsing videos and learning new things. Thanks again.

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