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Hi all,
I’ve just started a bag pattern and I’m stuck, I’m hoping someone here can help me. I’ve come to a part that says:
With WS facing, pick up and knit 14 (16, 20) sts in each selvedge along edge.
Next row (RS): K14 (16, 20), K60 (80, 100), pick up and knit 14 (16, 20) sts – 88 (112, 140) sts.
Cont in St st until piece measures 6 (7, 8)”, ending after a WS row.

I’ve done around 15 rows of stockinette with 60 sts before it comes to this.
Here is a link to the pattern is you want a look for yourself:

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum!

Here’s a video for picking up sts in case that’s where you’re stuck.

You’re going to be picking up sts along the short side edge starting at the live sts and ending at the cast on edge. Then turn and knit the 14 picked up sts, the 60 front sts and again pick up sts along the other short edge.
This will form the base and sides of the bag. The only tricky thing is to make sure that when you pick up the sts, the small seam that occurs is to the inside. If this isn’t where you’re stuck, just post again and let us know.

Thank you so much! I’ve got it to work with seams on the inside.
The rest of the pattern seems simple enough from here but if I need any more help I’ll post again.

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Oh, good. It’s really a very nice and useful looking bag.

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