Please help

Hi, everyone I am desperately searching for The Jan/Feb 1991 issue of Crochet World Magazine. Can anyone help :frowning: You see I am searching for the Hearts O’ Prayer baby blanket pattern that was in that magazine. My mom’s friend gave it to her years ago and I started the blanket and then lost the pattern :frowning: I can’t find it or the Magazine anywhere… What am I going to do?

I’d check eBay and try their “Want It Now” in which you’ll get notified if someone lists it. There are some 1991 issues on now but not that particular issue, and they are all relatively cheap.

Is that magazine still in print? If so, maybe you could contact them and ask if you would be able to get a copy of that issue. I’m sure they would keep everything archived. Good luck!!

Maybe this person would be able to help you out. Might be worth a try!

From what I could find out at, they do NOT have back issues available for sale. But maybe the local library might have it?

Good luck with your search!

I found a back issue on this site Good luck