Please help!

I have just taken up knitting again after a long while and I have chosen the Kirstie Allsopp Knitted Slipper Socks Kit to get me back into it.

I have managed to completed the sock and moved onto the cuff but the button holes are killing me :sob: I have managed to start and slipped over the stitches as told to but the next part has got me stuck, the exact words of the pattern are…
‘Put the right hand needle the 1st and 2ns sts wrap yarn around the needle and the pull through and place back on the left hand needle.’
I then have to repeat this until I have casted on an extra 4 stitches but can I work it out?! NOPE :rofl:

If anyone can cast any light on what I am meant to do I will be eternally grateful :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance! X

Sharing the previous row and this one exactly as it is in the pattern would be helpful. If all else fails you can use a different buttonhole that is easier for you.

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Sounds like a cable cast on for one row buttonholes:

A knit cast on will work for these buttonholes too.

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That’s what I thought but the “slipped over the stitches as told” sounded like something else to me. I guess that would mean passing the stitches over for the bo.

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Thank you both of you so much! I will try the cable cast on and see how it goes!

I have added a photo of the pattern, the section I am stuck on is just after ‘****’.

Thank you again x

I should have thought of this. Here’s the one-row buttonhole:

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Thank you, to me it just isn’t very clear and don’t fully understand what they are asking me to do with the first and second stitches.

I just keep staring at it haha x

Staring at it is actually useful. In the buttonhole video, at the 2:00 min point, Amy talks about the cast on of sts for the top of the buttonhole. At 2:20 she shows inserting the needle between sts 1 and 2. Make sure you don’t go into stitch 1 but between sts 1 and 2 for this cast on. You could try this on a small swatch so that you don’t wear out your good yarn.

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Thank you soooo much! May be I can actually finish now, fingers crossed x

I’m also getting back to knitting and starting with the Kirstie Allsopp slipper socks kit. I’m still at the beginning of the pattern and got through the first 17 rows.
At round 11 it reads *p1k1 p1 k1p1k5
Rpt from * to end
Then Repeat the last 2 rounds 3 further times
This I get - but then it says:
The last 16 rounds from the pattern repeat until the work measures 10cm
I’m not understanding what is meant by the last 16 rounds from the pattern. Can anyone help in clarifying please
Many thanks

Sounds like it should be "…The last 16 rounds form the pattern repeat…"
Presumably it’s referring to rounds 2-17. See if that works out.

Brill deduction I will give it a go :+1::grin: thank you

Hi could somebody please send me the instructions for these please.
I’ve just done the ankle and I’ve lost the instructions :’(
Please and thank you

Your best bet may be to email the designer or company and send a photo of the kit. They are often happy to send directions if they are available.
Because of copyright problems, it’s difficult for us to share patterns on the forum.

im also stuck on this pattern, on the heel Set up, it says

K10, pattern the next 20 sts and place on a separate holder for the instep [this bit i this i got, but then it says], K10 and place with the first 10 sts for the heel (20 sts). k to the end of this row. I dont know how to place the knitted 10 stitches onto the needle with the first three. If i just slip them on the thread will be in the middle of the row, do i place them in on the back then? which will twist the work? !


i really want to finish these socks they look so cute, please help!

What is the name of the pattern you’re working? How many total sts do you have including the 20 on a holder?

Interested in the patern name also !