Please help!


I am currently working on a cow pattern from the King Cole leaflet Farmyard Collection 7000.

After knitting the head it doesn’t look like the picture on the leaflet, it’s more of a diagonal line and the pattern doesn’t match up when its sewn together.

Has anyone else knitted this pattern or know of any errors in the pattern?

Welcome to KH!
I don’t see any errata listed on Ravelry or online. It could be that your row gauge is different from the pattern’s but really, the head looks great. You could go back and count sts in the two colors and match that to the pattern but I think the head looks like a winner.
By how much is the join off? Can you go back and re-knit the last few rows so that the two sides are even at the join?

One technical thing. You knitting looks very nice but it looks like perhaps every other row, you’re twisting your sts. That may be deliberate in order to tighten this up before filling?