Please help!

I’m attempting to make a snowman for my family for Christmas, the pattern is from a book called Mini Christmas knits by Sue Stratford.

The rows I’m stuck on is the second row, I follow the instructions but even after several goes I still end up a stitch short. Is it the pattern or am I just being a bit dense?

CO 14 stitches
Row 1: P all stitches
Row 2: K1 (kfb, K1, kfb) to last stitch K1 (22 stitches)
Row 3: P all stitches.

No matter how careful I am I still end up with only 21 stitches?

Very cute!

Each repeat should use 3sts and give you 5sts when complete. The pattern works out correctly. It might help to mark off the repeats in groups of 3 just to make sure you’re counting the kfb correctly in each repeat. It sounds like a random mistake rather than a consistent one.

He’s driving me nuts!! Every kfb row I seem to end up short so might have to place markers to see where I’m going wrong. So much for “oh that looks easy enough, I should be able to make him in a couple of hours”… Knitting really does make sure you don’t get too cocky :laughing:

I tried it on paper and I get the wrong numbers, too. :confounded: Maybe need more coffee…

Each marker represents a kfb, followed the instructions but still only 21 stitches instead of 22. I’m giving up on this on I think :frowning:

Here’s the way I look at it:
k1 (kfb, k1, kfb)x4, k1

There are 14sts total so 12 sts for the repeats. Each repeat uses 3sts: one stitch for the first kfb, one stitch for k1 and one stitch for the second kfb. That’s two increases per repeat so you end up with 5sts in each repeat. Since there are 4 repeats, that’s 20sts and with the two end sts, that’s 22sts.

Evie, it looks to me like you have repeats of kfb, k1 instead of kfb, k1, kfb. There should be 8 kfb markers: kfb, k1, kfb, kfb, k1, kfb, kfb, k1, kfb etc.

I think I’ve just twigged, the yellow stitches are wrong as if you write it longhand it would be:

k1, kfb k1 kfb, kfb k1 kfb, kfb k1 kfb, kfb k2 kfb, k1 ?


Haha! D’oh! Honestly I’ve spent 3 hours staring at this pattern and it’s only just registered :blush:

OK another question, when it says M1 do you usually M1L or M1R?

Usually M1L, just because I find it easier.

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