While I was knitting, I noticed yarn popping out, about 2-3 rows down from where I am currently knitting. And what do I see?? Yarn is ready to break… There’s only a tiny “piece” of yarn holding it together… Is there any way to fix this, without having to rip my project down to that specific row and before it brakes completely?? :fearful: :fearful:

Wow, that sounds like a flaw in the yarn. You can take a piece of the same yarn from the other end of the ball and weave it along the yarn path on both sides of the weak part. (This really helps you understand the yarn path, too).
It’ll look like this tutorial on yarn ends. That’ll at least strengthen the this ply of yarn that’s left and take the tension of it. If it should break, you may then be able to carefully pull it out and weave in an inch or so of ends.

Thank’s for your reply… But unfortunately I have to rip it… It broke and the stitches came apart… :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

Agh, sorry that happened. Hope it re-knits quickly for you and that it doesn’t happen again!

If you come to a place where the yarn is thin like that it’s better to break or cut out that section before knitting and start again. Then you can weave in the loose ends.

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I’ll keep it in mind for next time… Thank you!!

For more help with following the path of the yarn, you might want to look up duplicate stitch, because that’s the same thing. The directions are given in a slightly different way, so if you have trouble following the path of the yarn, duplicate stitch is the same thing. It’s also the same thing as Kitchner stitch, but that row of knitting is already there, you’re just copying it.