Please help with what seems to be an easy pattern

Hello everyone.
I just cannot get this pattern. I have made the body just fine and am working on the head. Could anyone please help me understand what they are asking me to do? This is by far the most confusing instructions I have ever read.

When I go back to inc rnd 1 for the second time, I have stitches left over. Do I continue to place markers or move them or add more or…ugh. I just don’t get it.
Please help.
Link to pattern:
Where the trouble begins:
Inc Rnd 1: [/B] K1, place marker, M1k, * k4, M1k, place marker, k1, place marker, M1k, rep from * twice more, k4, M1k – 28 sts.
[B]Inc Row 2: [/B] K to 4th marker, M1k, sl marker, k1, sl marker, M1k, k to end – 30 sts. Rep Inc Rnd 2 once more – 32 sts. Rep from ** twice more – 56 sts. Knit 4 rnds.
[B]++Dec Rnd 1: [/B] K to 2 sts before 4th marker, SSK, sl marker, k1, sl marker, k2tog, k to end – 54 sts. ++ Rep Dec Rnd 1 twice more – 50 sts.
[B]Dec Rnd 2: [/B]K1, sl marker, * k2 tog, k to 2 sts before next marker, SSK, sl marker, k1, sl marker, rep from * twice more, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog – 42 sts. Rep from ++ twice more – 20 sts. Knit 1 rnd. Rep Dec Rnd 2 once more – 12 sts. Knit 1 rnd. Bind off.

Thanks in advance!

I have not made this bunny and don’t want to. :slight_smile: (although he is cute) I studied out the part about the head, and I see what you mean about not understanding what to do. I drew out the first few rows in enlargingly big circles, marking where stitches and markers go. Rnd 1 is okay and rnd 2 is okay the repeat of rnd 2 was okay. But when you back to the ** to start the whole works over you already have markers, and things start overlapping and getting crazy. I don’t know what they want you to do for sure.

I see that you need to :
CO 20
Rnd 1, add 8 stitches=28
Rnd 2, add 2 stitches=30
Rnd 3, a repeat of rnd 2 add 2 more=32
go back to **
Rnd 4, repeat of rnd 1: add 8 sts=40
Rnd 5, another row 2: add 2=42
Rnd 6, repeat rnd 2 again: add 2=44
go back to **
Rnd 7, the final repeat of rnd 1: add 8=52
Rnd 8, repeat rnd 2: add 2=54
Rnd 9, repeat rnd 2 the last time: add 2=56
Then you work 4 rounds even. Then begin the decrease part.

I kind of think you would probably need to leave the markers where they are when you begin the second ** sequence and increase the number of stitches between the markers, but not place a marker like they say in the instructions for rnd 1. This means you need to do some thinking for yourself, but all the place markers the second and third time you do round 1 will only make a mess. But sometimes markers need to shifted over instead of being left in exactly the same spot. Maybe if I actually knit this head I could see what was needed, but I’m not sure.

The pattern is not well written. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. Maybe you will be able to figure it out for yourself once you get the number of stitches you need to increase each round firmly in your head.

I think on all the round 2s that you do, 6 of them, you are lining the increases up just on either side of that center line that makes the shape of the protruding nose. The decreases must be in the same place once those get started. The rnd 1 increases (done 3 times) occur all the way around to make the head round. I hope that helps you in your thinking and you can get it. Good luck.

I also charted the whole thing out and came up with the same stitch counts as Merigold. So that part works. But the marker thing is crazy. I would contact Berocco directly and tell them of the problem and ask them to ask the designer what to do.

You are wonderful. Thank you for the info.
I will finish the legs and ears FIRST and do the head last. I will surely try your suggestion.
thanks again!:slight_smile:

You are wonderful. Thank you for the info.
I will finish the legs and ears FIRST and do the head last. I will surely try your suggestion.
thanks again!

I think that is the craziest pattern instructions I have ever seen.
Thanks for the info!