Please help with 'Warm&Woolie Hat'

I work with DPNS but this is driving me nuts:wall: ‘CO8sts separate onto 4 DPNS’

Rnd 1: [kfb]around (16 sts)
Rnd 2-3:k around
Rnd 4:[k1,kfb]around (32 sts)

Can I do this on circulars with magic loop instead of DPNS?

You may be able to use magic loop but if you follow the directions for Rnd 4, you’ll end up with 24sts not 32. To get 32 you would have to kfb in every one of the 16sts.

Yes you can do this with magic loop. To get 32 sts from the 16, you needl to kfb in every stitch. If you use M1 instead, then you can k1, m1 all around.

I am trying to do this on the DPNS but to get pass the 2 sts on 4dpns I did those on circulars using ML then moved them to the DPNS.

You don’t have to use the dpns if you’re already magic looping. Just leave it on the circ and keep knitting, you’ll need to use them as you get more sts anyway.

You might want to try casting your 8 sts onto a straight needle or your 5th needle, then knit your first round onto your 4 DPN. kfb into 2 sts onto a needle at a time to get 4 sts per needle. 16 sts on 4 DPN the easy way. :slight_smile: It’s the only way I can ever get this to work.

Hope this helps!

Thanks guys, I was starting to think that I forgot how to use DPNS:hair: But the trouble was just trying to manage those 2 sts each on four DPNS what a pain . I finally gave up and went to Magic Loop . You know I’ve use dpns many a times but never with so few sts on them.