Please help with w&t pattern confusion

I would love to knit this headband for my friend, and I’ve been pouring over tutorial videos for any and all bits I didn’t understand immediately. So I now know how to make short rows.

However, this pattern seems to have you ignore the last five stitches, and then the last 5, then 7, then 9 stitches at each end, so you’re only working the middle for a long while, so maybe it makes a sort of more ovally than rectangular shape?

I just want to know: Am I reading this correctly? Do you indeed ignore the ends for most of the pattern?

Thank you so much!
(P.S. I don’t know if this should be in the “pattern” subforum, but I apologize if I misfiled it.)

What an adorable pattern! You’re right in your reading of the pattern. That’s the point of the short row shaping, to add extra rows to a portion of the garment or headband in this case. At the finish, you’ll join the cast on and bind off edges to each other and this will be the narrowest part of the headband. This is where you attach the bow.

Short rows can be confusing at first, bit Salmonmac gave you a good answer.

This is the correct forum for pattern questions. The Pattern Central Forum is supposed to be help in looking for patterns, but it’s often used as a place for questions about a pattern instead.