Please help with this pattern!

Hiii everyone,

i am new to this forum. Through this website, i started learning knitting and now i am in a stage to knit a sweater. Thanks to Amy for such wonderful videos.
Now i am working on Bumble bees sweater, listed in the free patterns of this site. i got some doubts in this, i hope somebody will clarify this for me.

I am working on the back of the sweater.

  1. In the shape armholes part, the butterfly stitch is in the middle(as i finished row 6, still 6 more rows to go to for finishing butterfly stitch), but the armholes already measure 51/2 inch, which is the final specification stated. Do i need to continue to finish the pattern or can stop at that point and proceed to next step??

2.In the next section Shape shoulders, it is given like this.

At beginning of next 4 rows, (each armhole edge) BO 5 (6) stitches.
BO remaining 22 (23) stitches for back of neck.

i didn’t understand the above instructions. What stitch i have to do for the next 4 rows? do i continue the butterfly stitch for 4 rows or anything else. Please explain this for me.


You will be continuing the pattern. The only change is that you will have to Bind Off (BO) the given number of stitches at the beginning and end of the rows as the pattern specifies in the next section. This will make the curved part where the sleeve will go. So in your next row you will be doing row 7 of the pattern stitch.

As above, use this link:

to learn how to Bind Off stitches. The pattern (butterfly stitch) will be continuing, only because you are binding off, you will be working it over fewer stitches.

You will be decreasing 5 stitches at the beginning of each row for 4 rows. So you will have reduced by 20 stitches and should be left with 22 stitches when you come to Row 5 of this section. Now you will have to Bind Off all of the stitches, thus finishing the back section.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: