Please help with this lace pattern

Gosh, that is confusing!

Curiosity got the better of me so I looked at the pattern! There are two extra yarn overs in the repeat that are not balanced by a decrease which would suggest that you do pass the stitch over rather than work it with another stitch. But I can’t get the symbol instructions to come out as 4 stitches rather than 5.
I can’t see that the k1 in the instructions is part of the wider chart as the right leaning symbol is followed immediately by a yarn over.
I’m intrigued!!

But counting again, I think it does take 5 stitches!!
Not sure how much I can post but one repeat of a relevant row is;
K1tbl, yo, k2tog, P1, yo, left leaning symbol, K2, k2tog, yo, P1, yo, ssk, k 2, right leaning symbol, yo, P1.
24 stitches per repeat, so the symbols must use 5 stitches, despite being chatted over 4 spaces.

I wonder if the extra yarn overs are part of the increases to make the circle expand. The designer notes that it is knit center-out.
When I tried it I had an extra stitch at the end of the repeat that had to be knit to complete the sequence.

The chart stays at 24 stitches throughout though. I think it’s hard to make much sense of the symbols out of the context of the whole chart. The symbols only occur twice in each 24 stitch repeat.
But the counts seem to work if you treat the symbol as a 5 stitch manoeuvre.
Although other projects have mentioned minor errors, no one has had fundamental problems with the charts . If have to work a whole repeat section to see in the real!!!

I wonder if a screenshot of a portion of the chart might help clarify things because seeing what is done on the next round on those stitches could help. I’m lost trying to figure out how to do it.

It’s a beautiful pattern. I saw in project notes someone has mods for the next time the pattern is used.

Hi there, thank you for all your comments…I had to take time out as I was so frustrated. But suddenly I’ve managed 3 repeats of row 25 and it seems to be using 24 stitches! I don’t know if it’s right but what I’ve done is this
Slip 3rd stitch over 2 + 1sts, K1, Yo, forget the slip 1 st bit, just K2tog, Yo, K1.
On the next bit I’ve
K1, slip 4st over 2 + 1sts, K2tog, Yo, K1.
It seems to work…whether its right I’m not sure…I will see better on the next round…


Well done!

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Sounds like that’ll work. Let us know how the next round goes. This has been a puzzle for sure.

Not surprised you needed a time out from this.
I’m amazed there aren’t many comments about this on ravelry.

I hope this works out.
Will await updates.

Hi everyone! I have had a response from the author Anne-Sophie on Ravelry.
Oh my it’s so straightforward when you see it being knitted! She has sent a video to show how! Can I share that?
The first pattern is this:
Slip 3rd stitch over 2 + 1, k1,yo, slip 1stkw, then place that st back onto left needle purlwise, so it twists, k2tog, yo, k1.

Second pattern:
K1, slip1st pw, slip 4th st(which is 5th) over 4+3, put slip st back on left needle knitwise, so it twists, k2tog, yo, k1.
This works and there are still 24 stitches in the repeat.
I think salmonmac you may have said this in the beginning…

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Sorry made a mistake
On pattern one at the end its k2togtbl, k1.
NOT K2tog, yo, K1.

Thank you very much for updating us. And many thanks to the attentive designer, Anne-Sophie for supporting the pattern and helping you out.
This is such a gorgeous baby blanket and heirloom that it’s worth getting it right. Can’t wait to see a photo when you finsih!


Thank you salmonmac for all your help :pray:t4: this is the first time I’ve used this site and you’ve all been so helpful and kind. I’m so pleased we’ve now got a solution. I will definitely share the finished shawl with you on here! I’m theknittingnelly on Ravelry. I’ve been knitting since I was about 4years old, taught by my dearest Mother. I’m now 60 this year. I spend all my time knitting a variety of items and I love :heart: it!
Now I’m on here I can hopefully help others too :pray:t4:


So many of us are taught by moms, grandmothers or friends. It’s a wonderful tradition to pass on and be part of.
This has definitely been a group effort. Thanks for the posts and for joining the forum. We look forward to your help too.

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