Please help with this co

[FONT=GoudySansITCbyBT-Light][SIZE=3][FONT=GoudySansITCbyBT-Light][SIZE=3][LEFT]cast on 8/12 (16) stitches (4/6 (8) on each needle). [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=GoudySansITCbyBT-Light][SIZE=2][FONT=GoudySansITCbyBT-Light][SIZE=2]Easy method:
hold the 2 needles parallel to each other, casting on over[/LEFT]
your thumb 1st on the left, the 2nd on the right and so on. Can anyone explain this cast on…it’s for a “toe up” baby sock…Thanks

That makes no sense to me either. For toe ups I use this one.

Yeah, the turkish CO is easy. I think the one in the pattern is similar that you alternate casting on a stitch to one needle, then another.

Sounds like ‘Judy’s Magic Cast On’ to me. Sorry I dont know how to link but I would just google it and it should come up.

There’s an article at knitty for Judy’s MCO, and a Cat Bordhi video for it at You tube.