Please help with the boobholder!

I am working on the boobholder. It seems pretty easy, and I know I should just trust the pattern, but I don’t understand!

On row 15 it says “increase 5 stitches evenly over both sleeve sections”. What sleeve sections?! Up untill this point I have a long rectangle!:oo:

Later it says “seperate sleeves from the body”.

[B]THEN [/B]There are seperate sleeve instructions lower on the page…:think:

This is just a boobholder! Why is this so hard for me?!:shrug:

Please, oh, knitting gurus…help me!:ick:

The link didn’t work for me and I’m DYING to know what a BOOBHOLDER is!!!:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: A KNIT bra???

[B][COLOR=Red]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] the link.

It’s actually quite cute!

It should be more of a /----\ shape than a rectangle if you’re at this point. You have markers marking off the fronts, sleeves and back, don’t you?

I see… it is a garmet for B-Cup girls. We D-cups would look damn silly in such a thing!

The increases she’s asking about are the ones that make the sleeves puffy. But yes, Glampyre sized it generously for those who need it.

looks like there’s a link contained in there for the busty gals too.

I see no one answered you Ginny. If you haven’t gone to the site, it’s other name is a Mini Sweater. Short sleeved cardigan that buttons — under the boobs…

And I was trying to picture MY DD’s in such a thing:passedout:

DEFINATELY a pattern for young SKINNY gals!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: I have to disagree…I’ve seen this pattern look extremely cute on some plus sized gals, and my DH thinks my 36DD boobs look pretty damn cute in the boobholder I knit :smiley: Here’s a pic of me trying mine on after finishing it last year

that looks adorable on you!

i made a tiny version of this that fits my 5yo dd. i used baby weight yarn in the needle size suggested on the yarn band. i left it without the trim too and didn’t put a button on. since dd HAS no boobies :wink: i just use the ends to tie together in a knot. looks adorable over halters and tops with skinny straps.