Please help with pattern!

Currently I have 40sts on my needles and am at a right side row, here is where I am stuck (in red):

Shape Neck:
[color=red]Patt (10)sts, turn and leave these sts on a holder[/color], purl to end.
Dec one st at the neck edge of next and every foll row until (21)sts.

I don’t understand what they mean by “turn” the stiches. I realize that I need to somehow get the live yarn past these stiches to be able to purl the rest… but how?

Thanks for any help!

I don’t get it either. Is it a free pattern that you can link to? On what side (shoulder or neck) are these 10 stitches that are on hold? Is your right side a knit or purl?

Would it make sense that you put the first ten stitches on the holder, then knit across, turn and purl across? It could very well be an error.


:?? Should they have written “Patt 10 stitches, place those ten stitches on holder, THEN TURN and purl across”?

It looks like that’s a writing error…

Okay, so I might need to give more information to clarify (sorry, I am a beginner).

This is the left front of a cardigan, and the 10 stiches that are to be placed on the holder look like they will be picked up when the collar is made.

Also, I am a little confused which is a right/wrong side row? When I am about to purl in st st is that right or wrong?
My thought was that I was supposed to be on a purl side (because the pattern said “purl to end”

Could anyone give me more help with this information or if I send more information on the pattern? I am desperate because I am living in Peru for a year and have no knitters who can understand this pattern!

BTW this is a pattern out of a book “Queensland Collection” by Jane Ellison

First off, the right side row is the side you see when you look at the sweater–in stockinette stitch, it would be the flat side–where the little v’s are.

If the first 10 stitches are the neck edge, and you’re working on the left side of the cardigan, then you’re looking at the wrong side–back of the fabric–inside of the sweater, however it’s easiest to imagine.

If you work those ten and put them on a holder, you can’t turn your work. There’s nowhere to go to. My bet is on purling to the end. Then turn your work and you’re back on the knit side–the right side. I would knit to the end and then do the first decrease at the neck edge.


Thanks for all of your help.
When do I put the 10 stiches on a holder then? Should I stop 10 stiches short when I am knitting and then put the stiches on the holder and turn and start knitting? (like Sara said I suppose)

Sorry for so many questions! BTW I like your emoticon! So cute!

To be honest, as long as you get the ten stitches on the holder and have your yarn at the sweater edge of it, I don’t think it will make much difference in the long run whether you knit across them and put them on the holder or knit up to them and put them on a holder.

If you are at the arm edge, work up to the last ten and put them on the holder. If you are at the neck edge, work the 10 stitches and put them on the holder before you work to the end of the row.