Please help with pattern!

I am new here and would really like some help. I am trying to knit a baby blanket and don’t understand some of the pattern. It says row 2: k6.*(k1.p1.k1.)in next st.sl1.k2tog.psso. rep from * to last 6. k6
what I don’t understand in this row is what they mean by(k1.p1.k1.)in next st. Am I suppose to do that in 1 stitch or is it saying in next stitch sl1?
I am so confused!?!?

K,P,K in the one stitch, then slip the next stitch, knit one and pass the slipped stitch over.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now can you tell me how to k,p,k in 1 stitch?

:teehee: Sure! Knit into the stitch as normal, but don’t slide it off. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles and purl into the same stitch, and still don’t slide it off. Then bring the yarn between the needles to the back, knit into the stitch again and slide it off. You’ll have 3 stitches where you had one.

Thank you so much! You have been a big help!