Please help with pattern! - thumb gusset

Hellooooo. I’m a little new to knitting, and I’m trying to make these mittens, but I’m getting hung up on the thumb gusset.

Here is the link to the pattern:

I’ve knit the rib part and the Rnd 1 of the chart. My questions are:

[B]1.[/B] If I’m knitting in the round, won’t the gusset for the thumb be covered up?

Oh! I just looked on wiki what a “gusset” was … so once I’m done working the thumb gusset, there will be a little triangle of stitches, and I’ll just leave it hanging while I join the body of the mitten where the place markers are? By jove, I think I’ve got it.

So that’s why I’m increasing so many stitches?

I think I understand, but any reassurance would be very welcome! This knitting thing is tricky…

Thank you!!

Yeah, the thumb gusset is basically the start of the thumb of the mitten – if you look at the picture at the top, you can see where the thumb joins the body of the mitten at the top; that row is the end of the gusset row.

While you’re working on the gusset area, you’re just expanding the mitten, so the gusset area will look kind of triangular. Once you finish the gusset, you’re going to put those stitches on a holder or spare piece of yarn or something so you can keep going with the rest of the mitten, and you’ll be joining the mitten back together. After that point you’ll have half of a thumb sticking out of the side of the mitten, and the stitches on the spare yarn will form a circle.

…if you try it on as you go, it might make sense, 'cause you can see what’s happening as you do it. :slight_smile:

ahhh… amaaaahzing. sometimes I can’t believe I’m making something that seems so complicated.

thank you so much!! :mrgreen: