Please help with pattern piece!

I’m a newbie knitter and I’m knitting socks on 4 DPNs and working the pattern with a 5th. I don’t know how to create this particular pattern. Can anyone PLEASE help with how to do these stitches? I’m sure it’s very basic, but I’m clueless. Lol

Cross 1 stitch in front, knit 1, knit crossed stitch. If there’s a video that would be SUPER helpful!


There should be a video on how to do this, but if not, don’t overthink it, just do exactly what the pattern says. Use a cable needle if you need to, slip the next stitch to it and hold it in front of the work. Knit the next stitch on the regular needle, then knit the stitch from the cable needle. That will make the stitches cross. Eventually, you will be able to do that without using a cable needle (it’s a lot faster and more convenient.)

thank you! i’m going to give it a go!

just an update…after walking away from these for a while and doing other projects, i finished the socks with that pattern instructions that i had questions about. as a new knitter, i was quite sure what cross in front meant, but you’re super simple explanation of a really simple concept helped a lot.

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Wow, those are spectacular socks! The colors and stitch patterns are simply wonderful.
Have fun wearing them. They’re sure to be a hit.

Thank you so much!!!

Amazing socks, especially if you are a beginning knitter!

Wow, those are beautiful!

Thank you so much Jan!

Thanks Evie. It was very frustrating initially, as I’m sure you could imagine, but now I feel really good about them. :slight_smile: