Please help with pattern instructions

I am at the end of this pattern and do not understand the instructions at:
CO 5 stitches, then K5 stitches - turn work.

Am I to CO 5 stitches, then knit those same stitches, then turn the work?
And if I turn the work at that point, am I only knitting Row 1 across 5 stitches, and then actually starting a full row at Row 2?

Thank you for helping with this.

CO 5 st, work the next 5 st, turn. That’s what I’m reading. My browser won’t download Cascade patterns citing a potential security risk. There are a number of patterns named Interlude on Ravelry so I couldn’t determine what you’re making.

Yes, CO 5sts, knit those same sts then turn. Row 1 is worked over the same 5sts. Row 2 is worked over the 5sts with an increase of 4sts not over a full row. On the last step of row 2, the sl 1-p2tog-psso, you work one additional stitch from the main body of the shawl. Again on row 4, the k2tog binds off a stitch from the body of the shawl.
Some of the Ravelry projects show close ups of the kind of zig-zag border that this creates.

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Thank you so much! Now I can move ahead and finish it!

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Thanks for responding. Another person replied also and gave me insight to finish the project!

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