Please help with my sweater

I’m making the kyoto pullover from knitty:

It’s my first sweater, and I’m afraid of messing it up at this point. It’s knit in multiple sections; the sash part at the waist is pretty much finished - I’m ready to switch to the contrast color and bind off. When I measured it, it’s bigger around than it ‘should’ be, based on the guage swatch. I don’t want the top of it to be too big, and fall off the shoulders, so I was wondering if I should try decreasing a little of the sash before I bind it off, and then make the top a little smaller. If I decrease, how do I do it and keep the double moss stitch pattern?

If I make the top pieces a little smaller, what’s the best way to do it? Go down a needle size but keep using the same size of the pattern? Switch to a smaller size of the pattern?

Is it going to be possible to bring this thing together and have it look ok, do you think? It feels like I spent forever on that sash part, and I hate to think about redoing it, but I don’t want to end up with something that looks like I made it at Arts and Crafts at summer camp, either.

I’d really appreciate some advice!!

Before you go any further, check your gauge on the piece you actually finished, it may be a different gauge than your swatch, which is common, especially if you made your swatch flat. If it is larger, then use smaller needles to reknit it. If the gauge is correct, you could use smaller needles or make a smaller size if that fits. It looks like it should be loose fitting anyway, so unless it’s really swimming on you, might be okay.

Thanks Suzeeq! I think part of the problem was the way I was trying to measure it before. When I lay it out flat on top of another sweater that fits well, they’re really close in size. The way I measured before, it looked like it was about 5 inches bigger than I thought it would be. I guess holding it together with a measuring tape in one hand, and then sliding both through your thumb and indexfinger while circling around the knitted thing isn’t exactly a great way to measure! Good to know.:thumbsup:

Yes, lay flat to measure side to side, then double the measurement you get. Glad it’s turning out the right size for you.