Please help with my knitting pattern

I’m doing the sleeves. I’ve done 148 rows and just about the increase on row 149 to 85 sts. When I measured the length to look at starting raglan top it is 57cm and the pattern says 44cm! That’s 13cm more cms. I have attached my pattern and workings. Is it correct?

Welcome to KH!
You’ve figured out everything very carefully.
It may be that your row gauge is not what the pattern is calling for. Usually stitch gauge is more important than row gauge and so we ignore row gauge as long as we can get stitch gauge to match the pattern. You may need rip back to where the increases were every 10th row and increase the frequency of the increases, maybe every 6th row.

What is the name of your pattern?

Hello there thank you for your reply. The pattern is a Woman’s weekly, “Can do coat”, issued from the archives. The pattern says to use Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran, I am using Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed. Perhaps it is the wool, as you said the stitch gauge. You think if I increase every 6th row that should solve the issue? I should go back to 86th row to start increasing every 6th? Thank you for your help.

The yarns both knit at the same gauge so you should be ok. The difference could be in the way they work in the pattern stitch but measuring gauge will help.
Measure the row gauge on the part of the sleeve you’ve already knit and see how many rows per cm or per 10cm. Then you can estimate how many rows it will take to get to 44cm. Once you know the total number of rows needed from say row 86 you can space out your increases. Good luck with this. I’ve often had to do just the same thing.

What a shame you knitted up so much and it turned out too long. You’ve worked everything out so carefully too.
What I’ve done on occasion is work out how many rows will be made and then use my gauge swatch, or another part of my worked piece, to calculate how many cm this will be.
So, if you write up the row count for increasing every 6 rows rather than 10, you can see what row you will end up and and should be able to calculate from this how many cm it will be.
I know I’d personally prefer to know ahead of knitting if it was going to result in the correct length.
I’ve done this in anfew things and found it useful. Once when I wanted to use smaller needles than the pattern or gauge recommended just because I preferred how the fabric looked on the smaller needles, so I had to work out how many more rows and pattern repeats would be needed to get to the correct length.

Good luck