Please help with men's socks

I am making the mens grey socks, for me DSIL, the pattern is from pattern no 60049. I finished one sock and it needs to be bigger around. Oh, and he wanted them 14 inches long! I think if I add 4 to 6 more sts it might work? And what needle should the extra sts be worked, 1,2,3 or4? or should I use a larger needle?

Please help! Thank you. :hug:

I’m presently doing that one (or the striped socks, same pattern different yarn, but I’m using Lion Wool which should’ve made them even bigger).
Size isn’t the only problem.

I added 4 stitches and they’re still too tight. I also made them 9" to the flap, which is what my store bought wool socks are, they’re still way too short.

I take it that you figured out the problem with the way the gusset is written.

I think next time I’ll go 12"-14" before starting the flap and try at least 56 stitches.

For my 44 stitches I just distributed them evenly until I got to the flap and moved 20 to one needle. When I do a 56 stitch version I’ll make the flap 50%.

Someone gave me this site when I was having problems figuring out the gusset, it’s actually for the turn but will help you modify the pattern.

Here is one to give you the percentages,

I have been using the calculation from the Knitting Fiend’s Hour Glass Sockulator

This is a toe up pattern. Once you have the gauge and some simple measurements for the foot and leg all the numbers are given.

Now if only I would follow the directions.

Thank you for the suggestions. I did figure out the gusset even though this was only my third pair of socks I made. I’m gonna try 56 sts and a larger needle, I hope that will work.

Thank you for the site, I will try that as soon as I can get my SIL’s measurements.