Please help with joining!

Hi. My name is Tish. I’m really new to knitting but progressing relatively well. I’m trying my first project, a hat. The pattern reads:
“knit 5 rows of stockinette. Then instead of turning your work to continue, join the two sides to form a circle. Now you will be knittig in rounds…”

I don’t know how to do this. I have searched for a video instructing how to join the two. Can’t find one. Also, where do my needles go after I have joined? (I’m using a circular needle) I cannot go any further in this until I learn how to “join”. I’ve been getting help at a shop here in town but I work until next Friday, so if I cannot figure this out, I will not be able to knit until Friday. :frog:

Please someone help!!!


The first video on this page shows how to join.

Tlimebu, check out the link below on you tube…

I only post this particular one because I found it about 5 minutes before reading your post!!

I’m also sure I’ve seen it on one of the video’s on this site somewhere too…

Hope this helps!


To join, all you have to do is spread your stitches out so they go from end to end, and knit the other end of the row you just finished.

However, if you are using circs that are too long to knit a hat w/ you won’t be able to join either. AND, your typical ‘circ’ will be too long. You might need to get some double pointed needles in the same size as the circ that you started with. They are easy to use… just go in a circle w/ your knitting and make sure you don’t twist the stitches.

It does feel like you are fighting w/ an octopus when you first start… but, the human is stronger and smarter than the double pointed sticks are! :woot:

If your needle is too long, there’s a technique called Magic Loop which will work. Find a video for it under Knitting a Small Diameter on this page

Thank you all so much for your responses. I have watched both recommended videos. I understand completely how the one from Youtube works but I already have 5 rows knitted (stockinette) and she only has one. So I am confused as to how to do it when there is more than one row. I apologize if my questions seem elementary or common “knitting” sense but I’m afraid I don’t have much "knitting sense yet. Thanks again for all you help.


If that’s what the pattern says to do, then I think you just need to pretend those five rows aren’t there. Join just like you would if you were on the first row. Those first five rows not being joined together is either a design feature, or the instructions should tell you what to do with them later on…

Don’t worry about asking a question that is “elementary” of “common sense”. There is a huge range of knitters here from beginners to experienced. There are no stupid questions- we were ALL beginners once. Your question is a common one actually. There are often instructions in knitting patterns that aren’t very descriptive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially here.

Thanks! I’m going to try it when I get home from work. I’ll let you all know…:wink:

and don’t forget, once you join your sts in a circle you will be k stitching around no more purl yeah good luck

Ok. I’ve joined them, and I’m about halfway through with the hat. I still don’t know if joining after I had already knitted 5 rows was the right thing to do, but so the pattern read. Maybe I’ll do something in the end to make it more cosmetically acceptable. I’m pretty sure the hat will at least be functional, which is alright by me, since it’s my first project.

Thanks for all your advice.