PLEASE HELP with heel flap of sock

i am knitting the heel flap of my first sock and the pattern instructions say to K1, SL1 for the “right side” row and then to SL1, purl all on the “wrong side”. Does this not mean that one stitch never gets worked? (the last stitch of the “right side” and first stitch of the “wrong side”) is this right??? Please provide some clarification for me!!!

Hopefully you have an odd number of stitches on the needle so that the final stitch on the rs row is a knit. If not, make another stitch. You’re right that you can’t slip the same stitch on [I]every[/I] row.

the instructions indicate that i should have an even number of stitches . do you think that instead of slipping the last stitch on the “right side” should i knit the last 2 sts?

That would work, too.:thumbsup:

thanks for your help, sometimes i think that i am just crazy when i realize things like this, it helps to have someone agree with me!

Are you doing Silver’s socks? I’m doing her socks on dpns and I just did this part last night, it all works out, your last stitch is knit (even if it’s an even #).

I had trouble though in that when I shifted the stitches to start the heel flap and was ready to begin with that row you are on I wasn’t on the right side, I was on the wrong side. Have no idea what I did wrong.

But, everything worked exactly as it should have, so the directions are correct for the heel with the slipped stitches. Hope that helps you.

no i am not doing Silver’s socks. if it says “K1, SL1 for the “right side” row and then to SL1, purl all on the “wrong side”.” then how would the last stitch be Knit?

I had the same instructions, and had 24 stitches on. If you count them you’ll see, you end on a knit st. Least I did!

Noramlly on a heel flap the first stitch of EVERY row is slipped.

Your right side row should be sl1, k1 and then if you have an even number of stitches your last stitch will be a k1. It may be a pattern error.