Please help with enlarging a pattern

hi everyone, i have a pattern that fits a 2 year ol. i want to make it for a 4 year old.the back says cast on 25;29;33;37;39;43 st. there are 4 st. between each except for the 37 and 39. if i add 8 st. more to the back, fronts, sleves, neckband, and border, ewill it work out.

Sorry - I can’t help, but I doubt it’s as simple as the 4 st difference between the sizes. I think those who can help may need to know the gauge. :think: Patterns are very mathmatical :slight_smile: … What’s the guage? …because I think that will play a large factor in altering the pattern. :??

First off, what’s the pattern, what yarn and needles are you using and what measurement do you want to make it to? It can work to increase in ‘sizes’ by way of the same stitch increments but you have to know how big you want it. The sts you gave are for the back and they do inc by 4 for each size, but do the sleeves too? And is it a cardigan or a pullover? We need a little more information before being able to give you a good answer.

Maybe - the length will probably be different, too, though. As ekeighly says, there’s a lot of math to those patterns.