Please help with Bernat horseshoe blanket (knitting)



I’m new to knitting. I’m trying the Bernat horseshoe knitting pattern and I’ve done the cable but now it wants me to cast on 106 stitches which I’ve done but now I’m lost where to start. Do I go back and start where the panel is? Or work outwards in?



The blanket starts with casting on 106sts. The instructions for the cable panel aren’t used until you’ve finished the edging and the increase row and are up to the direction to: “Proceed in pat as follows”. In the following section are the instructions for placing the Cable panel which is repeated 3 times total.


Hi. After where it says “Cast on” it says
“First Row” you knit that. Then it says “Second row” and you knit that row.

Then it says to repeat rows 1 and 2 for 4". After that you will follow the instructions for “Next Row”.

The next instructions say to “Proceed in pat as follows”. That’s what u do next. Wherever it says “Cable panel” you follow the instructions for the Cable panel.

Hope this helps