Please help with a sleeve!

Hi there everyone…I am knittting the sleeve for my sweater and the pattern reads
"K1 inc in next stitch, knit across row until 2 stitches remain, inc in next stitch, K1. Continue to increase 1 st at each end of needle every 8th row 6 times total there are 49 sts on the needle.
My question is how do I count the rows, by that I mean is the row I do the increase in row #1, then 7 more then increase?
Also this means no increases on the purl side right? I am working in stockinette stitch.
any ideas???
Oh yeah…GO PATS

I’m pretty sure it means that you increase on THAT needle. (just one). I’d wait for a seasoned person to come along and answer though, cause I have yet to do sleeves. That’s what I read from the pattern though. :?

I want to see the sweater! :slight_smile:

Yes Chris, increase only on the RS. Knit 7 rows. Increase on the 8th row.

Yeah, Go Pats! :slight_smile: (Can I still be cheering after they just won?! LOL.)


ok Yarn mommy…I will TRY!! not as techically gifted as many of you guys!
thanks for the help…you and amy :smiley:
I gotta go…Tom Brady needs me to knit him a superbowl hat