Please help! What does dec 1

What does “dec 1 [3:0:2] sts evenly across row for 1st, 2nd, and 4th sizes only” mean? I know it means decrease, but that’s all I know!

it’s decrease 1 times, 3 times, 0 times, or 2 times, depending on the size you’re making. so if you’re making the smallest size, you’ll decrease once across your row. if you’re making the 2nd size, you’ll decrease 3 times across. if you’re making the 3rd size, you don’t decrease at all, hence the 0. if you’re making the largest size, you’ll decrease 2 times across.

when it says to decrease or increase evenly, it just means don’t do all the decreases or increases at one end, or in one spot. you want them spread out along the row so they’re not noticable. you can divide your stitches pretty easily. for example, if you had 50 stitches across, and need to add 4 stitches, you could add a stitch after every 10. or if you have 40 stitches and need to decrease by 5, you could do it every 8th stitch, just as long as you keep things spread out.

hope that helps, but yell if you need more. :wink:

Thank you so much! I’ll give it a go, and thanks so much for your advice!