Please help....trying to make scarf larger

the scarf is on a tight knit gathering website.

cast on 8 sts…row 1-right side…k1, *yo, k 2 tog tbl, repeat from * to last st…k 1.

row 2-the same except it is P1, *yo p2 tog…etc. etc.

It is very narrow and i would like to make it at least another pattern wider…I can usually figure it out but not with this pattern…
thanks so much if you can.

The repeat is just 2 sts, so add 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 more stitches. Or 20…

You mean not in a particular place…i thought i had to add in between the *s to make it wider…thanks for your reply

The sts between the asterisks are the repeat. Depending on how many sts are cast on, you’ll repeat the *yo, k 2 tog tbl, repeat from * until one st is left. For the cast on of 8, there are 3 repeats of the sts between the asterisks but you could cast on any even number of sts.

You keep repeating what’s between the *s; since that’s 2 sts you add more by increments of 2. If a pattern has 5 repeating stitches, you add by increments of 5.

Thank you both for answering which is probably a easy question to you but usually it is for me but somehow with the knit one at both ends it got me confused. I will try it tonight and want to thank yu for your kindness to take the time to reply.l

The edge sts would stay the same, whether it’s k1 or k4. For any pattern just look at the number of sts in the repeat; then you just repeat them more times while the stitch or stitches before and after the repeat stay the same.