Please help to understand this pattern

Hi !
I’m fairly new at knitting. I came across this easy pattern for really lovely pair of booties. But here is the problem . The pattern says knit 1, make 1, knit 14, make 1, …, I cannot understand what is ’ make 1’. I tried checking out but could not find anything about it. I’d love it if somebady can please explain this to me. I’d love to make this project. Here is the link to the pattern :


Thanks a lot in advance.

If you go to the “basic techniques” section of the Knitting Help site, it will have the answer to your question. :thumbsup:

Oh, and it means to increase. :slight_smile:

Make 1 is an increase - make an extra stitch…

Thank you both for answering my question. And I did finally find it. But I haven’t yet started making these booties. I’ll post it in my blog when done.