Please help to understand a chart


Please help me to understand this chart on pick up stitches from front n back pcs

I understand the calculation is 41+14+14+11=80

But It stated 42 sts & 42 sts where I don’t know where to get the other 2 sts?

Question 2: on the top of the hood it has 30sts & 30sts=60
But from my 80 or 82 sts-12=68

Where should the other 8 sts go?

Thank you for your help

You pick up 41 sts on the back and 14 + 14 on the fronts, that’s 69 sts and there’s 1 more, not 11 for a total of 70 sts. The sts at the top of the hood is what you’d be left with after decreases.

I am needing 84sts to work straight up, ain’t I?
Why 70sts???

It looks like you pick up 41 for the back neckline, which will be 20 + 1 center stitch + 20 and then pick up 14 + 14 for the front edges–thats a total of 69. According to the schematic, you’ll gradually increase to 85 (42, center stitch, 42) and then decrease down to 61 (30, center stitch, 30) .

Are there more directions? The chart doesn’t show the increases and decreases, just that the happen on each side of the center stitch.:think:

You work the hood in patt stitch B which is 16 sts before the repeat, repeat 10, then 6 sts at the end. I don’t see where you get the 11 sts from. It says 41 on the back (20+1+20) + 14 on each front. 28 plus 41 is 69. I was mistaken about the 1 st, it’s accounted for in the 41 sts. That doesn’t fit the pattern repeat though.

Japanese patterns and charts are not easy to read, couldn’t you find something else you like that’s a bit less challenging?

I get as frustrated as you do at times. Some things dont make sense. On the other hand I love that about knitting, something new all the time and thank goodness for the pros on here hey?

Thank you for both of your uncertainty n I will officially give up this chart.

But seriously I can’t find anything like this to go on with the hood tht I need to add to the vest I’m knitting for my son

This silly chart has the right numbers of stitches n size n hood in chart that I want … If u care to help me to search, there r really not many I can find to fit to my requirement:

-Chest measurement 32"
-Pick up n knit the hood, instead of a new cast on piece
-With a hood in drawing for me to understand
-Button up

Please help!!!

Thank you

I didn’t go through all these, but if you enter [I]hood [/I]in search there is a long list.

Wow, I didn’t know you could search KPC.

Jane, you can also find a ton of patterns at Also groups that can help interpret that japanese pattern.

Thank you and yes I have searched both KPC n ralvery but not many turned out to be suitable to me or it isnt free of charge

So I came to this forum n wishing to get the topic discussed, then i thougth there will b some sort of standard rules in making a hood n vest, all i need is to edit to my desire size…gather some granny private advices but seems like grannies arent online :slight_smile:

Well, I’m a granny though not the traditional one…

Really, just pick up the sts around the neckline, knit straight up about 5" or so, then decrease similar to how you would for a hat. Knit x sts, dec, knit x, dec, across the row, maybe every 4 rows. I think you want a point in the back, you could put a couple of the decs close to each other in the center of the row. Just experiment (maybe on leftover yarn) until you get the look you want.