********please help this is urgent**********8

have to get finished by this weekend - having trouble sewing ribbons onto a babie’s bonnet and meking it look neatr - there has to be an easy way - any accomplished finishers out there can help me?


how do you need to attach it? do you have pics?

Do you mean for ties? Are you using needle and thread? I would just do some cross stitching across like this xxxxx to make it stronger since the will be tugged on a bit. Use a thread as close in color as you can to the yarn.

thanks - i will try the cross stitch - I dont have any pictures. I guess fold it over and then cross stitch around the outside? like 3 sides of a square?
It needs to look really nice, as the ribbons are to be attatched to the outside of each side of the bonnett which is part of a christening set. It took months to knit the long dress, shawl and bonnet, - so now I dont want to spoil it by shoddy finishing…