Please help, the pattern isn't working


I have tried this simple heart pattern over and over again but the rows 11-15 aren’t coming out properly. I’m quite new to knitting but I think I’m following it correctly, purling the grey stitches on the right side and knitting them on the wrong. All the other stitches are coming out correctly but these 5 in a vertical line are totally wrong. Loads of people have said the same in the comments on the pattern but no-one seems to have the answer. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you’re working the pattern correctly. By not coming out properly, what do you mean? Can you post a photo?
The vertical line of purl bumps is going to recede a bit into the knit sts on either side so the bumps won’t be as prominent as in the other rows. That’s the nature of the stitch pattern. If you stretch out the knitting you’ll be able to see the purl line better. Blocking may help a bit especially for wool yarn.