Please Help - Stuck with lace stitch lining up with decreasing for raglan



I’m still really stuck with this unfortunately :confused:

Would someone be able to draw up a pattern diagram of what I need to knit for the ‘decrease’ section.
I am following the instruction for making a Large sized sweater.

I have gotten as far as doing the 2 rows with the cast offed stitches but don’t know how to proceed. I have attached a diagram of what I have done so far for the first to rows of the arm hole to make sure I haven’t done these wrong.

My problem is, no matter how I decipher the pattern instructions I can’t seem to get the yarn overs to line up (like in the lace diagram in the original pattern) which is essential for getting the lace ‘zig zag’ to continue properly.

I really am confused :confused:


Here is the first page of the pattern I am working from:



Can you tell us the name of the pattern please and post a link if possible. Don’t post the whole pattern here please. A small part is okay though.


Hi there,

The pattern is just called ‘Openwork Sweater’ from “

I did post a screenshot of the first part of the pattern in my original post


Here is a link to where I found the pattern :slight_smile:


I can give you a general idea. Follow the pattern for the rate of decreases at each side. Keep the border stitches the same count (I think your earlier post said three in stocking stitch?). Keep your row pattern order as in the pattern, and then match your yo / decrease pair order to the fabric you have already knitted. This often means in lace that you have to fudge the first or last stitch of the row to keep the pattern aligned and the yo/ decrease pair matched (the reason for this being, to keep the stitch count the same).

Therefore, on some rows you might need to put in an extra knit stitch at the start or end of the row, or even an extra 2 if you don’t want the yo ‘holes’ to be too close to the raglan. You might need to change the order of the yo /decrease to decrease /yo to keep in pattern. This is where ‘reading’ your knitting will help. These odd extra stitches will not be obvious when the whole garment is made!


Just to clarify - fudging the first or last stitch of the row - I meant the first or last stitch of the charted section AFTER you have worked the raglan border!! So you may need to add a knit or purl (depending on whether you are on the right or wrong side) to get you into position to carry on with the chart!