Please help, stuck on knitting pattern

I am currently knitting on 4mm straight needles like the pattern told me to. I’m now on row 11 which I’m so confused about. …

  1. work reglan increase round (no 3) to the end
    Place a different marker from the others to mark both raglan point and beginning of round. Join to work in the round

  2. knit the next round

What does it mean? I don’t know where to put the marker. I have 3 markers in place for sleeves and back.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
At the end of row 11 the instructions now have you join to work in the round. You’ll need to switch to circular needles for this part.
The 3 markersrow that you have remain in place and now a 4th marker is added to mark a sleeve join to the front and at the same time, the beginning of round.

What pattern are you working? Can you give us a pattern name or pattern link please?

Thank you for the link. Very sweet dress.
Yes, change to circular needles and place the 4th marker at the join to knit in the round. It’ll mark the front/sleeve raglan line.

If I get stuck again could I ask you? I’m new to knitting so all the boys about sleeves is going over my head as well

Bits not boys

Oh, sure, ask away. We are all delighted to pitch in and try to help. Each of us learns here too.