Please help! stuck in the middle again

I am in the middle of a pattern and the pattern says to ‘cast ON’. How do you cast on in the MIDDLE of a row??? I know how to cast on, but only from the beginning of a project.

Well if it is only for a few stitches you can simply use a backward loop cast on ( [I know in the video it shows how to cast on for the beginning of a project, but it is the same technique];however, if it is more than a few stitches either doing a knit-on or cable cast-on (see videos here: is more suitable.

I think there are several techniques that you can use. Just based on my own experience, I would say that the knitted CO or the cable CO might work best. I tried to do this one time using the backward loop CO–it worked, but not well. It was a real pain to work with for the first couple of rows. There are some great videos on this site for the knitted CO and the cable CO. You might check and see if one of these would work for your pattern.

I usually just use a knit cast on in the middle of a row

Thank you!

Thank you too!