PLEASE HELP So-Sweet Tank Top Stuck on Row 3

Well I didn’t get far on my first serious knitting for 1 of my 12 grandchildren. I have been knitting hats,scarves, afghans, and other small misc. items for a year now. I am sooo bored . I would appreciate help. I purchased the exact yarn and I think It will be cute if I could learn to do the following. I am stuck on Row 3 MKs & SKs

MK: P3tog without taking stitches off needle, K3tog, then p3tog same 3 sts. Slip sts off needle
SK: Slip next 2 sts knitwise, one at a time to right-hand needle, insert tip of left-hand needle into fronts of these 2 sts and K them tog.

I have a practice swatch I keep on hand to learn with, I don’t want to mess up this cute little top.
This Pattern is in Better Homes & Garden HipKnits Page 94

Please help or she will outgrow it before I finish it. :?? Thanks for your time. Have a good day !

SK is the same as SSK on the decrease page. For your info, it has the exact same end results as working SKP, so you can do it any which way you like.

The MK is worked sort of like a Moss Increase (see video on increase page). You work it like a Moss increase, but working it into three stitches as if they were one stitch, and starting with a purl. So, p3tog without slipping the three off left needle. Then k3tog into those same stitches (again, without slipping them off the left needle). The p3tog into those stitches, slipping them finally off the left needle. So, you’ve got the same number of stitches you started with, but it will be bunched up in a ball, to create a pattern.

Hope that helps!

WOW that sounds interesting…you’d have to be knitting pretty loosely, wouldnt you, Amy?

Thanks Amy I didn’ know where to look on your CD. Do you mean I put knit-purl all of that together and then keep knitting? I am going to show Row 3 below if you don’t mind. I appreciate any help and don’t want to bother anyone. I just really would like to accomplish this. No sympathy but I am 65 on full time oxygen and have Parkinson disease. Knitting and Crocheting keeps me going. It is very relaxing and helps pass the time. Altho I am too slow (i think) but I pray my shaking doesn’t get to bad to hold the needles. xxx I am a little bit of a perfectionist which isn’t a good thing for me. I think you are the greatest. I love your site and CD. I recommend it highly.

Here is the dreaded Row 3: Knit 4 *MK, k5. Rep from * across ending MK, k4

The next row is a Purl row, and then a Knit row etc. I thank you so much for your promptness and help. I will be trying it today and will let you know.

YES, Kelly, good point! Loose knitting will make this row much easier. If you don’t knit loosely, you might even want to transfer the knitting to a smaller needle to knit off of with a regular needle, when working that row.

If it’s too straining to work that row, you can ask a friend to do it for you. Why not? I once met a woman who had knit a whole shawl by asking other people to knit a single stitch. She had half her town knitting this shawl, including lots of people who’d never knit before! People would stop her in the street and ask “How’s our shawl coming along?” Collaboration can be a great blessing. :slight_smile:

Best of luck, Charlotte!

There are several problems with asking someone to do it or even to help. I don’t know of anyone here at the Senior apts where I live who knits. Some do crochet, but I already know how to do that. I have crocheted for 25 years but I get bored with that occasionally. Knitting seems to be more calming to me.
There is about 6 of MK to make on every 3rd row. That is on front section and back. The rows prior and after are st stitch. My daughter suggested I forget about the MKs and just make all in st stitch. I may do that instead of wrestling with my first non-hat, scarf project. At least I will still be learning new things. I try so hard to be a perfectionist I would probably get very discouraged before I complete it. I have got my 1st pair of mittens started on straight needles(haven’t tackled dpns yet), a scarf with pockets for my son in Alaska. I get bored so easy I try to have at least 3 things going. I had lots of fun knitting and crocheting Xmas for my children and 12 grandchldren. Thanks so much Amy and Kelly