Please help! Slipper pattern

Hi! I am working on my first knitting pattern, and i am having trouble with some of the lingo in it. They are slippers, and i just can’t get what i am supposed to be doing. the pattern is below, and i was needing help with the directions in red. Thanks so much!! and if any videos are available, those links would be greatly appreciated also! Katie

Materials: 150 yards worsted weight yarn in 2 colors (300 yards total) #8 needles
Cast on 66 Sts with color #1.
Row 1: K 6 Sts in color #1, K 6 Sts. in color #2 [COLOR=“red”]repeat across the row pulling (not weaving) the second color in back of the one used) This makes the puff. [/COLOR]Row 2: repeat Row 1 [COLOR=“red”]except carry the unused color in the front of the work.[/COLOR]
Repeat these rows until the desired length is reach. (20 rows for children, 29 for women, 32 for men) K 2 tog across all stitches. [COLOR=“red”]Cut the yarn and pull through the loops.[/COLOR]Sew 1 stripe inside on both sides of the slippers to make extra gore. Sew heel and toe, on wrong side. Reverse to right side and sew the instep. Tie Pompom on top.

Hi Kates,
It sounds like/similar to stranded knitting to me for some reason. Amy demonstrates this technique here:

you need to scroll down to about the middle of the page to “How to knit with 2 colors at a time.” Welcome to the world of knitting.

It might help if you post a picture of the finished product so we can see what it’s supposed to look like- but it sounds like your first red section just means to carry a strand of the 2nd color across the back of your work without weaving it into the stitches of the 1st color, so that when the strand is pulled tightly it will cause the 1st color fabric to puff out. Your second red section is the same thing, but carry the yarn in the front (I think that means the extra strands will always be on the same side [wrong side] of the work, since you turn your work to knit back across). Your third red section means to cut the working yarn off the ball, leaving a tail, and pull it through the remaining loops on your needle. Hope that helps some!