Please help - sirdar 4493 - don’t know how I’ve gone wrong

Hi there,

Really would appreciate some help understanding where I’ve gone wrong here.

I’m working on the back panel. On the sixth row of the part to create the pattern I had zero instructions and so left out that row. I realised then that my rs and ws would be out of sync but thought I’d trust the pattern.

On row 6 should I have purled to the whole row instead of skipping?

I’ve attached photos of what I’ve done (ws and rs) and also of that section of the pattern instructions and the image from the pattern.

I’m doing the second size and so to help me I mark the pattern so only the correct parts for me show, the rest I block out. I’ve double checked and the numbers I’ve blocked out are correct.

I find it so difficult to rectify mistakes.

Feeling a bit disheartened at the moment so really appreciate any help.

Thanks so much.

image image

I can see how you were confused by the 6th row but even though there are no directions for decreases, there’s still the direction to purl to the last stitch. You’ll need that row to keep the cable in the 9th row on the correct side (the outside or RS row).
You need to take out a couple of rows but if it’s a problem pulling out rows you could unknit (called tinking) stitch by stitch. Either do this on the needle row by row or take out the needle and pull out the knitting to one row before you want to restart. Then pull the yarn out of each stitch one at a time inserting the needle into each stitch as you pull out the yarn strand.

In the future, a lifeline may help. The video is toward the bottom of the page.

The sweater looks darling and your knitting looks nice and even. It’s so worth fixing this so you can finish.

Thank you very much for your help, support and encouragement.

The info on lifelines, wow, I’ll definitely be using them from now on. I usually end up having to start again and lose hours of work. I can’t tell you what a game changer that will be for me!

I’ve read ahead on the pattern to help prevent me making anymore mistakes, and there is one more part I’m not sure about. I wonder whether you/anyone can help?:


When it says cast off (x amount) stitches at beginning of next 2 rows, does that mean;

RS row- Cast off eg. 6 stitches, garter (knit) to end of row
WS row- Cast off eg. 6 stitches, garter (knit) to end of row

Have I understood that right? Wouldn’t that then make it uneven? Not symmetrical?

Thank you,


You’ve got it. That’s the way to work these two rows.
One shoulder will be a small fraction of an inch taller than the other but the difference is negligible.

Ah, that’s great - thank you again!