Please help! reverse-bloom flower washcloth

Hi everyone! I just registered today.

I am working a pattern out of Melanie Falick’s book, “Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas” and have gotten stuck. I am not an extremely experienced knitter (yet), instead, preferring to learn as I go. I am hoping someone can give me a push so that I can get going again. I found a link to the full pattern on this website:

I have finished the petals and they are on my circ needles; although, I am going to have to turn some of them around to get them all facing the same way. The next step says,

“Join for working in the round (rnd), and place marker to indicate the beginning of rnd – 105 sts. If beginning on circ needle, change to dpns when there are too few sts to continue using the circ.
Rnds 1, 2 and 3: Knit all sts.”

Now, this always confuses me - do I join them and THEN knit my first row (if so, how do I join them), or are they joined AS I work the first row? Do I just start knitting my first row right into the petals that are hanging there and they are joined as I work row 1?

If anyone out there can help me with this, I would be thrilled!!!

Knitting the first round is the same as joining them, you don’t have to do anything special, just make sure you snug up the yarn between the first and last stitches.

Thank you so much for such a quick reply!! I [I]really[/I] appreciate the help!! :hug: I cant wait to finish it!! :woot: