Please help...quickly!

Hi! I have kind of a silly question…I’m kind of a beginning knitter and I’m making a scarf for my mom for christmas. The pattern says to knit with two strands from the same skein-one from the outside and one from the inside. I can find the outside end, but not the inside one…HELP!! Thanks so much!!

The inside one can be very tricky to find sometimes! If it’s not obvious, you may have to just grab a bunch of yarn from the inside and pull it out (technical term = yarn vomit) and find the end from there. When I do that I pull it out, find the end, then wind it into a little center pull ball from there so it doesn’t get too out of control.

Good luck! :smiley:

I’ve found that usually you’ve got to root around inside the skein a little before you find the loose stand.