Please help provide feedback for knitting android app WIP

Hi everyone, I wasn’t sure where to post this but I’m currently making a knitting android app for a university honours project and I really need your help to provide feedback through a survey for my evaluation.

It’s called KnitAR 3D Workshop and it’s aimed at teaching people how to knit in 3D space using Augmented Reality (AR). This the app link which you should be able to install if you have a compatible device
If you can’t install it, there is a video here you can view instead though it’s not as good.

And this is the link to the survey you can provide feedback on

Since it’s a prototype, only a few basic functions are available such as instructions for the knit stitch but hopefully you can get a sense of the type of app it will become.

Any feedback you can provide on this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

I could not install your app on either of my samsung devices. I watched the video , it seems promising.

I can see that a lot of work has gone into this and for that I applaud you. I tried watching the video but the floating hands and how they rotate was really too much for me. I think this would appeal to a different demographic than what I fall in so don’t think I’m necessarily representative. I’m accustomed to real hands holding real needles and yarn. I wish you luck.

The design is pleasant, everything is super responsive and easy to navigate. I’m keeping it installed to use as a handy reference for pattern abbreviations and chart symbols, and the needle and yarn types will be helpful to be able to find quickly in the app. Looking forward to future updates

I often use Knit companion. You can set up charts, change colors for color work patterns to match your yarn, color code stitches within a chart, set it u to auto remind you by row for repeats or shaping. It makes my knitting life so much easier. It comes on ios or android but the android version is very stripped down.