Please help - problems decreasing on yoke/neck

I am following my first ever cardigan pattern and it’s truly challenging! I have decreased for the raglan and now have to cast off seven stitches for the neck. I’m just not sure if I’m casting off the right side or the wrong side - if I cast off seven where I am now, then that loses seven stitches from the very front - surely that can’t be right? If anyone has any experience of knitting similar, I’d love to get your advice.
Thank you so much!

Hi and welcome!
That could be right. Often cardigans have you cast off a number of sts at the neck and then decrease one stitch every so many succeeding rows. The neck edge will be the opposite edge from the raglan decreases.
Whether you cast off on the RS or the WS depends on whether it’s the left front (cast off on WS) or the right front (cast off on RS).
Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name?
And congrats on getting this far on your first cardigan.

Thanks so much for getting back to me, salmonmac!

The decreases were on the raglan side - so in that case, maybe casting off on the neck side makes sense. It’s a sirdar pattern 1468 and I can’t find it on the internet. They do have a helpline but I was so keen to progress over the internet, and now I have to stop :frowning:

Maybe this is it?
Very cute pattern. Are you working the left or right front?
Maybe you can quote just the decrease 7sts row and the next row for us? That might help and help you progress too.

Wow you found it! Thanks. For shaping the raglan, I worked five rows, decreasing 1st at raglan edge in every row. Then it says:
Shape neck: Next row. Cast off 7sts in patt, patt to last 2 sts, patt2tog (21 sts)
The next instruction is:
Work 6 rows dec 1st at raglan edge in every row AT SAME TIME dec 1 st at neck edge in 1st and every foll 0 row (18 sts)

And I am doing the left front. Thank you so much!

For the left front, cast off with the wrong side facing you. Work to the last 2 sts and then patt2tog.
The next row is a right side row; call it row 1. Work a dec at the raglan edge on this row and one at the neck edge. On the next row. work a dec at the raglan edge.

Are the st numbers at the end of the row correct, 21 and then 18? I don’t see how you can dec at the raglan edge for 6 rows and end with 18sts.

ETA: Edited to correct the rows for decreases.

Whoops, my mistake. It’s work two rows, not six.

Oh, that’s good! I was worried about that. I’ve corrected my last post to reflect the next 2 rows with a total dec of 3sts from 21 to 18sts.
It’s a lovely pattern and you’ve really done well to get to the neck shaping.

Thank you so much for your help!

Uhoh…could I just share the next bit with you? I am so grateful for the help! The pattern says:

Work 14 rows dec 1st at raglan edge at each end of next and every following 2nd row. 4 sts.

Patt2tog twice. 2 sts.

Patt2tog. Fasten off.

Does that mean I decrease on every row of the 14, but always decrease on the raglan edge?

So you start these directions with the 18sts? It really shouldn’t say “each end” since you only decrease at the raglan end as you thought.
You’re right, decrease every row of the 14, always on the raglan edge.
Always glad to have questions, so don’t hesitate.