Please help! Problem with pattern stitch count

I believe that there is a mistake in the pattern for Katarina from cocoknits:

I am wondering about how it will affect the overall sweater when it is time for seaming. I am making the smallest size. Am I correct in believing that the stitch count for the stitches that should remained after all of the decreases for the sleeve cap is incorrect? According to this pattern it says that there should be 22 stitches, remaining but I saw that there are 26 stitches remaining. Also, it already looks to me as if the sleeves will not fit, just from measuring part of the sleeve against the back of the pattern which I have already knit. What should I do?

Here are the directions for the portion of the pattern that I am confused about (I am making the size small):
Sleeves (2 alike)

[B]Note: in order to ensure the correct length, these sleeves use a provisional CO just above cuff. The cuff is knitted later.
Using provisional method, CO 32 stitches. Beg with p (WS) row and work 5 rows st st. Row 6 , Inc. row: (RS) k2, m1, k until 2 sts rem, m1, k2. Cont in st and repeat this inc row every 6th row 2 more times, every 10th row 4 times (46 stitches). When sleeve measures 11 inches from CO edge, beg cap shaping:
(RS) BO 4 sts beg next 2 rows. Next RS Row, dec: k2, k2tog, k until 4 sts rem, ssk, k2. Cont in st st and work this dec row on every RS row 0 more times, ,then every 4th row 5 more times. [I](22 stitches remaining – [MY NOTE: SHOULDN’T THERE BE 26 STITCHES REMAINING AT THIS POINT!). [/I] BO 5 stitches beg next two rows, BO rem 12 sts at beg next row.[/B]

I think that there is a mistake in this pattern and that if the directions are followed, there should be 26 stitches remaining! I noticed this and found that I had to add two more sets of decreases – which means I had to add eight rows to the sleeve cap, in order for there to be the correct number of stitches 22 for the bind off. What should I do about this? I am concerned that the sleeves are not going to fit when it is time for seaming. Any advice about this should be much appreciated.

From the instructions given, it looks like there should be 26 stitches remaining since you decreased a total of 20 from the 46 when you started the cap. However, the number of stitches you end up with is not that important. You should check the schematics, the diagram of the pieces of the sweater with the measurements indicated. What is the length from the beginning of the armhole decrease (the first bind-off row) to the top of the cap? Take the same measurement of your finished sleeve cap. Or, if you haven’t finished the piece, figure this out by your row guage. This measurement should match. If it doesn’t, you may have a different row guage than given in the pattern. In this case you will need to add or subtract a few rows between decrease rows to get the right length on the cap. I hope this helps.