Please help please!

I just decided to knit a few days ago. I picked up some yarn and some needles and thought I would be able to teach myself all in one day. It took me forever to figure the basic knitting stitch but I did it. I made my daughter a scarf. It turned out okay. Now I have been trying to start a new project and I am having a terrible time starting. I think it has something to do with my slipknot. I get done casting on and begin to knit and when I get my first row of stiches almost complete, my last stitch seems to not work properly. My yarn is not slipping correctly. Maybe it’s the type of yarn (homespun baby). HELP! I don’t even know if it’s the slipknot that is messing me up but I am going crazy trying to figure this out. Any suggestions or anyone out there have problems like this when they first started? I hope someone out there understands what I am trying to say! Thanks.

Welcome imaknitwit! (cute name!) :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re using the basic backwards loop cast-on. Okay, I’m following you that far. But I’m not sure what’s happening when you get to the slip knot. Is it just a tight stitch to work? Is the resulting stitch unsightly or something? I’m not sure what the problem is exactly…


Thanks for replying so fast!

I’m not sure how to explain it so I will as best as I can. Yes I am using the basic cast on. I cast onto the right hand needle, no problem there. Then I switch the needle to my left hand and start the knit stitch, no problem with that until I get to the last casted loop. I can’t get the last stitch. I always end up with a big loop at the end when it should slip like the rest of the stitches. That’s the best way that I can desribe it. I am signing up for a class tomorrow!

Thanks again!

that happens a lot (at least to me). I just tug before I knit the stitch, and tug after I work it.

It sounds like the loop is happening because it’s your slip knot…it will just be “looser” and will loosen easily when you knit that last stitch. Knit it loopy and then tug your tail and it will tighten it up…turn and keep knitting…hopefully that will help.

Thanks for all the quick responses and suggestions. I’m going to try right now. Hopefully something will work!

One last little tip to add - make sure when you do your slip knot it tightens by tugging on the tail end - not the working yarn, so when you come to knit that slip knot stitch and want to tighten it, you can simply tug on that end.